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Our fragrances have there own unique smell that you wont find in the most expensive designer perfumes and colognes. By us using the purest essential oil you get a great fragrance that's all natural and unique. Store bought perfumes and colognes are made with synthetic compounds that can irritate your skin and can be bad for your health. Our perfumes and colognes are made from natural plant extracts (essential oils). You gain the benefits of aromatherapy with our perfumes and colognes. We also carry aromatherapy nasal inhalers for maximum aromatherapy benefit. Aromatherapy is beneficial to your health as you will read on our site.

What are essential oils and why we use them in our perfumes, colognes and soaps?
Essential oils are very different from vegetable oils. They are very volatile and odorous. They evaporate quickly when exposed to air. Essential oils have a consistency more like water than oil.  They are not greasy and will not generally stain the way vegetable oils can. They are insoluble in water but are soluble in alcohol, ether and vegetable oils.

Most essential oils are clear or pale yellow in color. There are a few that are colored. Some colored essential oils would be bergamont (green), chamomile (blue), patchouli (amber), bay (brown) and mandarin (golden).  Essential oils are chemically very complex consisting of alcohols. Esters, ketones, aldehydes and terpenes. Some oils contain more than 200 constituents.

There are many aromatic plants but not all are used for the extraction of essential oils on a commercial scale. The plants come from every part of the globe and are usually collected and distilled in their country of origin.

As like all living things plants are influenced by the conditions in which they grow. Aromatic
plants are especially sensitive to their growing conditions. The chemical composition of the oils produced in plants which in turn determines their fragrance, is affected by many factors. Some factors include soil, altitude, temperature and humidity. Another factor that can affect the final fragrance of the oils is the time of harvesting and the method of the extraction.  It is very important to collect the plants for extraction at very specific times to get the most oil and the best quality.  Different batches of the same essential oil can smell slightly different and have a slightly different color depending on the weather and time of year in which they were gathered. The essential oil industry mainly supplies the perfume industry and when this occurs they adjust by adding synthetic compounds to the oils to make them meet the industry standards. We do not do this with our essential oil perfume fragrances and essential oil cologne fragrances. They are all natural and are not altered with synthetic compounds.

There are currently about three hundred of the essential oils, which between them constitute an extremely effective medical system. In foods and drinks essential oils are used to give natural flavor and aroma. They are also used as preservatives. Essential oils are also known for their cell rejuvenating and beautifying properties.

Just one of our perfumes or colognes can have as many as 14 different types of essential oils in it.  Each essential oil is used for many purposes. For example peppermint oil is an anti-inflammatory used to treat arthritis and is also used by doctors to relieve discomfort in the digestive system.  It is well known that peppermint is used by confectioners and less well known that peppermint is also an ingredient in aftershave lotions.

If you are like many people, you take the smell of a flower or the scent of a freshly baked pie for granted. That is because fragrances are all around you. Fragrances are used everyday and everywhere. Enjoy our all natural perfumes and colognes with that unique smell.


What is Aromatherapy?
How our perfumes, colognes, aromatherapy nasal inhalers and soaps can benefit you.

Aromatherapy is generally a subject with a great deal of appeal. However it is also sadly surrounded by a lot of misunderstanding and confusion.

Aromatherapy can sometimes be called “Osmotherapy”, “Aromacology” or “Essential Oil Therapy”.  Aromatherapy is truly a holistic therapy. It treats the body, spirit and mind using essential oils extracted by plants. Many people these days have turned to aromatherapy for their physical, mental and emotional health due to a widespread dissatisfaction with western medicine. People are leaning towards natural cures. During aromatherapy treatments, essential oils are applied externally or inhaled.  However, their penetrative power is so great that they can act on internal organs as well.  Essentials oils have their own life-force and vibrational quality and can be very healing when used correctly. Essential oils have subtle healing properties that are on a higher plane than chemical drugs and have a more powerful effect on the phyche and emotions. Synthetic drugs have caused an increasing number of side effects, drug dependence and addictions where essential oils offers a gentle sensitive alternative. 

Aromatherpy works well on many levels. Not only can it improve your mental and emotional health it can also be used to improve your athletic performance  and there is even a sensual form of aromatherapy which can improve your love and sex life. (See our Sensual Perfume and Cologne)
Our all natural essential oil Perfumes and Colognes can benefit you.


We sell a variety of perfumes and colognes made with all natural essential oils. Gain the aromatherapy benefit while smelling great. See our products page!

Essential Oil Fragrances

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